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Incredible Power?

After training over 40 years if someone were to tell me that I could learn to hit harder than I ever had (even when I was 25 years old) I would tell them it's not possible.

But Russell Stutely claims that most martial artists can double their power and most beginners triple it or more.

I read the claims and thought it was a bunch of BS. But having a curious mind and since I review many self defense DVDs on a regular basis to improve my own system I purchased the five DVD set.

The first time I watched the DVDs I really felt this was such bull....s....
with a capital 'B'. But I got a few of my black belt instructors together one day after class and thought I would try out this "wave form" type of striking they claimed was so awesome.

Guess what? It really worked. So much that I am teaching the principles to my own students now.

We have a few clips to show you what I am talking about. While these really don't show but a micro piece of it, they give you some idea of how this works.

Video Clip #1

Video Clip #2

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