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No Touch Knockouts!

Imagine knocking out someone without even touching them!!
This DVD set actually shows it done.

Let's get real...

If you have been reading my newsletters and self defense articles you know that I have not been a big fan of pressure point systems. The reason is that most systems require you hitting a precision point or in some cases a series of points for them to have any effect.

Can you really learn to knock someone out without even laying a finger on them? I highly doubt it. But, you can learn to easily do it with a minimum amount of force.

The Master is Paul Bowman …a guy that may well forever change the way you look at martial arts, striking and taking on much larger opponents on the street – in fact Master Paul may change the way you ‘hit' opponents, muggers and bullies all together!

You see, at just 5ft 3inches – when Paul started out learning martial arts he quickly realized he was at a MAJOR disadvantage against your ‘average guy on the street'.

While you many never be able to knock a guy out without touching him as you will see Master Bowman do, you can easily learn:

  • To substantially increase the power (and pain) in each pressure point strike.
  • Power enhancers which actually mulitply the power (and pain) each strike delivers.
  • A certain way of hitting the body that drops your opponent quickly in his tracks.
  • Simple pressure points to release the neck muscles of your attacker. These work great in a standing clinch.
  • Torso strikes which cause your opponent to collapse in pain.
  • Pressure point knockout secrets.
  • and lot's more.

In fact so much more that it is better for you to read the whole story here!