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Self Defense

Maximum Power Striking
FAST Defense

Would you like to learn how to hit hard... really hard? And here's the key...
to be able to do it under the duress of a real street attack!

Bill Kipp is one of my mentors and the creator of FAST Defense. FAST is an acronym for Fear Adrenal Stress Training.

He is one of the formost trainers in the science of adrenal stress training for self defense.

If you haven't figured it out yet, traditional martial arts training most likely will not work for you on the street. Unless you train for and expect the adrenal dump, which is pretty much guaranteed to happen under the duress of a real attack, chances are you will not come out successful.

Bill has proven time and time again in his thousands (yes that is thousands) of adrenal stress fights he has conducted in his FAST Defense training, that many highly trained black belts end up flailing away when they are put under the stress of a strong simulated attack!

You want to see what I am talking about? Look at this embeded video below.

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So how do you prevent this from happening? Proper training in the FAST Defense method of Maximum Power Striking.

Bill Kipp's breakthrough DVD set 'Maximum Power Striking - for self defense' will teach you in a simple and FAST proven method how to hit with MAXIMUM POWER to prevail in a real fight.

You will learn:

  • Real techniques that work for Real people in Real situations, and how to apply them with Maximum Stopping Power!

  • Why POWER is more important than Speed!

  • Why standard shield holding does not help generate Power!

  • How to access your Warrior Spirit to fight like a demon possessed if you ever need it!

  • Simple Proven Effective strikes that work for anyone!

  • How to Hit with More Power than most Black Belts can achieve!

    (2 DVD discs, $59.99 plus $5 S&H USA & Canada - International $9 S&H)

USA & Canada