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Finally a Pressure Point System That Really Works!

If you have been reading my newsletters and self defense articles you know that I have not been a big fan of pressure point systems. The reason is that most systems require you hitting a precision point or in some cases a series of points for them to have any effect.

We have found that during an adrenal rush and under real or even simulated combat conditions this is next to impossible to do. So I have pretty much ignored the use of pressure point fighting in my self defense system.

Enter Russell Stutely...

If you are not familiar with Russell, he is Europe’s pre-eminent authority on pressure points. After many years of study and application he is a true master of pressure point fighting.

A while back I had the opportunity to study Russell Stutely's wave form striking methods which I have found to be extremely useful. The power that can be developed using this method is totally incredible. So when my friend from New Approach Publishing offered to send me Russell's 'Pressure Point Black' DVDs for evaluation I jumped at it.

What I found is not only a system that really works (you have to be really careful, even with light application in practice because the pain is so intense) but one that can be applied under the stress of a real attack. Yes, it works with gross motor skills!

But his Pressure Point Black DVD set has much more. It contains what Russell calls "Technique Enhancers" . In fact, he spends an entire DVD on these. Simple enhancers you can easily learn to:

  • Substantially increase the power (and pain) in each pressure point strike.
  • Joint releasing points which render the joint controlling muscles limp.
  • A certain way of hitting the body that drops your opponent quickly in his tracks.
  • Simple pressure points to release the neck muscles of your attacker. These work great in a standing clinch.
  • Torso strikes which cause your opponent to collapse in pain.
  • Pressure point knockout secrets.
  • and lot's more.

There are six DVDs in all covering everything from common street attacks to grappling and finishing techniques. In fact so much more that it is better for you to read the whole story here!

Take a look at some video clips here!