Now you can learn the ground fighting tactics and techniques taught to US Special Forces, Navy Seals and Comandos!

Military Ground Fighting

These are the actual US Army Documents which have step by step instructions on how to defend on the ground. They include...

  • Defenses against the front mount.

  • Defenses against holds, death grips, clinches, chokes, locks and strangles on the ground!

  • 114 pages! Plus 72 pages of Bonus material.

  • Dozens of step by step photos.

  • Defenses against larger, more powerful opponents.

  • Defenses from the rear mount.

  • Easy to Learn.

  • Realistic Defenses (not like some of the sugar coated stuff some are trying to pass off as real self defense!).

  • Defenses against the side mount.

  • Simple and Effective - our Special Forces lives depend on it!

  • Attacking and defending strikes on the ground.

  • Arm bars.

  • Sweeps!

  • Head lock escapes on the ground.

  • Passing the guard.

  • Strikes, chokes and locks from the mount and guard positions!

  • Much, much, more!

This official US Army manual is available on an auto running CD in PDF format. It is fully printable with browser friendly, menus.

Runs on any Windows platform computer (may run on MACs as well but we haven't tested them on a MAC).

These rare manuals are hard to find and expensive to purchase but we are able to bring them to you for just pennies a page.

Right now you can get this rare manual on CD in an 8 1/2 x 11 inch format. This means that you can print out the pages of the manual for easy reading and following.

Special Bonus Material

For a limited time we are including 72 pages of Bonus Materials. These are stand up self defense skills used by Special Forces, Navy Seals and Commando fighters. Take a look at what's included...
  • Defenses against various type of chokes

  • How to escape from bear hugs, strangles and grabs

  • Knife defenses

  • Leg kicks

  • How to properly punch

  • The most effective ways to use elbow attacks

  • Knee kicks

  • Breakfalls

  • How to close the distance to achieve a clinch

  • Simple takesdown

  • Sweeps

  • Single leg takedowns

  • Double leg takedowns

  • Throws

  • Defenses against headlocks

  • Group tactics

  • Much, much, more!