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Self Defense

The Secret to Strength Training on a Limited Time Budget

There are many benefits to strength training. I believe it's part of what I call the 'basic three' strategy to good physical training and conditioning. The other two components are cardio and flexibility training. These three combined elements will play a big part in slowing the aging process and keeping you strong, vibrant and healthy.

Here are just some of the benefit of strength training:
  • Increased lean muscle mass. This helps us in many ways but I believe the most important is keeping your weight down. Muscle burns many more times is weight in calories than fat does. So you burn more calories just lounging around, walking, going about your daily business.
  • Looking better, feeling better. Everyone who has done some strength training at all knows this.
  • Preventing injuries. True of both sports and life related injuries.
  • Increased bone density. Studies have shown that strength (resistance) training can increase bone density and prevent or help osteoporosis.
  • Slows the aging process. Gives us the strength and vitality to participate in many activities we might pass on.
  • Increases self confidence and self esteem. We look better, feel better and have a stronger self image when we are in shape and have muscle tone.

So if it's so important, then why don't many of us do it?

The problem many of us face are time constraints. "I know I should work out more. I feel and look better when I do, but I just can't find the time to do it regularly". Truly a universal problem.

For years I worked out on a BoFlex machine. Good workout, but as I progressed I found I needed to workout longer and harder to make gains. The same had been true in the past with free weights.

A couple of years ago I read an interesting book on the subject of static contraction training. I immediately put it to a test and have been hooked on since. Even in my sixties I can keep muscle tone, increase both muscle size and strength and feel great.

Static contraction has been proven to work even better in many cases than hours in the gym doing heavy weights or machines... in a fraction of the time.

While I do profess to be a self defense expert, I am not an expert on strength training or static contraction training.

If you are interested you can read more about this and perhaps pick up a copy (updated) of the book that sent me on may to this new system here.

Shihan Michael Pace