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The Truth About Fighting Multiple Opponents

It's interesting to read articles in leading martial arts magazines about fighting or defending against more than one opponent.

Some of the authors make it sound easy. They claim that if you know what you're doing you can easily defend against two, three or even four or more attackers.

I have seen video/DVD authors say the same thing.

Here's the truth.... BULL!!

Defending yourself against even two opponents is not only extremely difficult in most cases but many times a losing battle. Going against three or four, well depending on who they are, you probably don't have much of a chance.

Yes it does depend on who the attackers are. How much street fighting (including mugging) experience do they have?

Are they teens feeling their "oats" or a few drunks with "beer muscles"? Yes you have a much better chance against them (if you know what you're doing). Notice I said a chance, not a guarantee.

I can tell you that even the most experienced and tough fighters would have a very hard time against three or four street wise thugs who have been there many times before.

The same is true if the attackers were three college football players. Big strong guys in good shape who were used to getting banged around, even if they really didn't know how to fight.

Another important factor in multiple opponent defense is where the attack takes place. Are you in a bar or closed in area where it's impossible to move (movement is one of the most important elements in successful multi-opponent self defense)? Or, are in an open area like a wide side walk, street or parking lot?

Look, I not saying it's impossible but real street attacks don't happen like in the movies where the star picks off the attackers one by one with spinning kicks, throws and multiple hand techniques.

Real attackers usually come at you together, simultaneously, making it very difficult to keep them off of you.

So, should we not even bother to prepare for this possibility? Is it really hopeless.


But let's be realistic. Proper training will give you a fighting chance. Not a guarantee.

There are some sound strategies, techniques and drills that will help the average person drastically improve the odds of escaping a mass attack.

After many years of requests we have finally taped such a video. It called Street Self Defense 101 Volume IV - Multiple Attackers.

You can read about the details at: self defense against mutlitple attackers.

Shihan Michael Pace

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