How to Get Started Learning The Basics Of Adrenal Stress Response Technology!

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F.A.S.T. Defense is quickly becoming the training of preference for self defense instructors the world over. Here's why:

  • Most traditional martial arts training is all but useless on the street!
  • Without taking into account the devastating affects of adrenaline, your self defense training is not complete.
  • 95% of most physical confrontations can be avoided if you understand the use of awareness, verbal and boundary skills.
  • Effective self defense must deal with the adrenal rush and making it your advantage, rather than your downfall.
  • Nearly three fourths of all assaults against women (and probably more against men) are carried out without any physical force. Simply through the use of intimidation. F.A.S.T. Defense skills can prevent this!
  • Once a self defense instructor (including martial arts school owners) have the opportunity to fight the "Bulletman," there is an "eye opening" experience that says, "I need to include this training in my curriculum to be a complete instructor."

Now you can start learning the all important basics of this new technology, right in the privacy of your home. Bill Kipp, F.A.S.T. Defense's President and chief instructor, has laid out a step by step instructional video on the basics of F.A.S.T. Defense training. The video is called "F.A.S.T. Defense - 'Anti-Freeze' Training." Here is just some of what's included:

  • The all important psychology of F.A.S.T. Defense Training.
  • The A-B-C's of self defense.
  • The three modes of behavior when dealing with hostility.
  • How most (probably as much as 95%) of fights and assaults can be eliminated!
  • The "most important" factor in effective self defense.
  • How to develop 'Assertiveness Skills.'
  • The key to setting effective 'Boundries.'
  • How to use your "voice" to develop both physical and mental power!
  • How to use the 'Woof' to make your training realistic.
  • The color code self defense readiness system.
  • Pad training for front and rear defenses.
  • The basic F.A.S.T. Defense strikes and how to use them.
  • How to use "Escalating Assertiveness" to fend off most attacks.
  • Understanding the 'Training Wheels' of self defense.
  • The role of the coach in F.A.S.T. Defense training.
  • Much, much, more!

Additionally, Mr. Kipp demonstrates the use of shields in F.A.S.T. Defense training. These drills can be done very safely with a practice partner. He gives several variations in the slow speed drills as well as full power with the 'woof.'

We have also included a number of "Bulletman" fight clips which demonstrates F.A.S.T. Defense at full power under the adrenal state. Single, multiple and ground fights are included.

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